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About us

Supporting growth ideas and likeminded founders

We are ZAKA. A unique kind of an investment company that partners with companies that excite us with their innovative ideas. We are especially interested in early stage projects and smaller ventures in growth phase who are in search for a reliable partner. With more than 20 years of experience running businesses in a wide range of sectors, we offer not only capital, but also extensive cross-sectional contacts, know-how, fast feedback and active cooperation on the project. 

Up to 250.000 Eur for startup validation

Investments over 250.000 Eur for scalling

Top notch team with years of business experience

Supporting female founders

An honest and responsible approach

20+ years of running businesses

Peter and Jan have joined forces to lend a helping hand and development capital to the Central European innovation ecosystem. Over the past decades, they have built dozens of successful companies in various industries and have come into contact with a large number of clever and active founders. Together with a passion for building their family businesses, they want to pass these experiences to the coming generation of entrepreneurs.

Slavo Tuleja
Investment Manager & CEO
Andrej Petrus
Investment Manager & CFO
Valentína Kasperová
Chairman of the Board
Daniel Bachor
Member of the Board
Karolína Kasperová
Samuel Zálešák


From first contact to first investment

Filling out the registration form

Fill out the form describing your project. Be straightforward and factual – the better you describe it, the bigger the chance of success.

Honest feedback

Within few days we will let you know if we are interested in the project and would like to continue analyzing it further. If not, we will give you honest feedback immediately. 


After a detailed analysis, we decide whether to invite you to a personal presentation where a more detailed discussion about investment would take place. 

Supporting women entrepreneurs is a key part of our manifesto

Founders determined to start their own businesses often face a lonesome and complicated position. At ZAKA, we want to serve as a source of long-term stability. This lonesome and complicated position can be especially pronounced for female founders. We want to actively help women entrepreneurs who are under-represented in the world of venture capital, ensure equal opportunities and encourage all types of founders to enter the world of business. 

The daughters of both of our founders are entrepreneurs themselves, with Valentina, chairman of ZAKA's Board of Directors, having on hands experience in the startup world as well after having led one of the biggest and most prominent startup event platforms in Slovakia, FutureNow for two years. It is also thanks to these experiences that we know what problems women in business face and are ready to help them.

The fact that women in business tend to be more successful is not only backed up by intuition, but also by numbers!

35 %

According to the Kauffman Foundation, private technology companies run by women are more capital-efficient and achieve 35% higher ROI, even having 12% higher income than startups run by men.

5 %

According to BCG, start-ups founded or co-founded by women generated 5% more cumulative returns over a five-year period.

10 %

According to MSCI ESG Research, companies in the MSCI World Index with a strong female leadership achieved a return on equity of 10.1% per year compared to 7.4% of companies that do not have women in their leadership.

45 %

Companies that reported above-average diversity in their management teams also reported revenue from innovations that was higher than that of companies with below-average manager diversity – 45% of total revenue versus only 26%.