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What's the size of your tickets?

Our pre-seed and seed investments vary from 50 000 to 500 000 EUR. In a case of a higher amount we associate with partners and co-invest.

What types of companies do you invest in?

We invest in companies that bring interesting solutions to important problems. It may sound abstract, but we are pursuing a strategy to be open to all interesting opportunities and given our business experience across many industries, we dare to consider a wide range of projects. We like experienced teams of people who complement their skills and have a product or service that future customers are interested in.

Do you invest in international startups?

Yes. Our geographic scope allows us to fully focus on startups in Central and Eastern Europe.

What verticals are you focusing on?

While following an industry agnostic strategy, we prefer to invest in industries of which we have a deeper understanding and where we can give a startup a more concrete value. These industries are mainly Energy, Utilities, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, Real-Estate, AI and Mobility.

How do you structure your investment?

We use standard market conditions and investment hedging tools. Since we are not a typical venture capital fund, we can offer a more flexible investment structure.

How do you differ from a typical venture capital fund?

In addition to financing, we also offer active help to start-ups in the absence of expertise. Whether it is structuring sales, marketing or product strategies, we can help with it all. Our model is more operational than financial. Since we do not adhere to the standard fund structure, we have more flexibility in terms of conditions and duration of investment.

How do I know if you will invest in my startup?

After completing our investment questionnaire we try to take an initial position within a few days. If we are interested in the project, we suggest an initial meeting or a phone call. We believe it is fair for startups to share as much information as possible for them and fair for us to provide as much feedback as possible during the entire process.

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