We connect people

We bring together experienced investors from big businesses with founders of the new economy and generation. Not only do we provide capital, but also contacts and long-term business experience.


We actively help

Our goal is to be an agile investment company that actively assists founders in all aspects of the early stages of running a business. We believe that the older generation of entrepreneurs can find common synergies with the younger ones, thus supporting the entire CEE region in moving towards a more innovative economy.


We support women entrepreneurs

We support all founders who are determined to get the most out of their business and want to be a long-term partner in this sometimes lonesome and complicated position. For women, this position is often even more complicated and thus we want to actively help female entrepreneurs who are under-represented in the world of venture capital. 


We believe in opportunities

There has never been a more appropriate time to embark on your own business journey in our region than now. The CEE region is full of technological talent compared to other parts of the world, but the lack of comprehensive education, innovation and development capital infrastructure does not yet fully support it. We want to help change that. 


We want to be an inspiration

We are on a mission to be an active investor with added value and build worthy companies in active cooperation with founders. Our aim is to help build companies that provide employment, generate societal value and inspire others to think about their own innovative business.

Do you agree with us?