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Revolutionizing Therapeutics with AI: ZAKA Invests in Olio Labs

At ZAKA, we are committed to supporting groundbreaking innovations that have the potential to change the landscape of the tech or healthcare industry.

We are excited to announce our recent investment in Olio Labs, a visionary company that is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way we approach therapeutics. Olio Labs participated in the S23 Y Combinator batch, further solidifying their position as a rising star in the industry.

“We are impressed by Olio Labs’ traction and swift progress. Over the past few months, they have accomplished a remarkable amount of work. The talented team is addressing a multi-billion-dollar market, and their unwavering commitment to rapidly enhance drug efficiency is truly noteworthy.”

Jan Kasper, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, ZAKA VC

Unleashing the Potential of Combination Therapeutics

Olio Labs is at the forefront of a transformative approach to therapeutics by utilizing AI to develop treatments that take into account the complex interactions of thousands of proteins in the human body. Rather than targeting a single protein or two, their cutting-edge methodology focuses on combination therapeutics, which can provide a multitude of benefits.

The Problem

Combination therapeutics involve the use of multiple therapeutic agents, such as drugs, biologics, or other modalities, to treat diseases or medical conditions. This approach offers several advantages, including synergy, reduced resistance, fewer side effects, and the ability to target multiple pathways simultaneously. Olio Labs recognizes the immense potential of combination therapeutics.

The Olio Labs Solution

Olio Labs uses AI and machine learning to create drug combinations that offer enhanced efficacy with fewer side effects. Their platform is dedicated to developing combinations that can outperform the best-in-class obesity drugs. Their approach has already shown promising results in animal models, with a significant reduction in appetite and associated nausea.

A Platform Driven by AI

The key to Olio Labs’ success lies in their AI-driven compute-experiment platform, which allows them to design and test trillions of combinations efficiently. This approach has accelerated the discovery process fourfold and reduced costs by 90%. Olio Labs aims to discover combinations for both existing drugs and novel targets, making their impact even more far-reaching.

Meet the Founding Team

Founded by Dr. David Tingley and Dr. Tom Roseberry, with impressive backgrounds from Harvard, New York University, and Neuralink, Olio Labs boasts a team of experienced scientists and AI engineers. The company is in the process of expanding its team to accelerate its innovative research.