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ZAKA VC Invests in Eigen Therapeutics: Accelerating Precision Cancer Treatment with Vision and Speed

ZAKA VC proudly announces its recent investment in Eigen Therapeutics, a visionary biotech company poised to redefine precision cancer treatment. Eigen’s innovative approach addresses the shortcomings of traditional therapies, promising a future where cancer treatment is not only effective but also tailored to individual patients.

Eigen Therapeutics is on a mission to revolutionize cancer treatment by addressing the precision and specificity gaps in traditional therapies. Conventional methods, like chemotherapy, often lack discrimination between healthy and cancerous cells, leading to severe side effects. Targeted therapies face challenges like resistance, rapid cancer cell evolution, and the intricate tumor microenvironment. Eigen aims to overcome these obstacles, introducing a personalized paradigm in cancer care.

Eigen’s groundbreaking platform enhances the effectiveness of existing therapies, such as immunotherapy and antibody treatments, by priming cancer cells. This innovative technology increases the levels of proteins targeted by therapies, expanding the range of susceptible cancer cells. With an automated lab infrastructure enabling high-throughput screening, Eigen is pushing the boundaries to make advanced therapies accessible to a broader spectrum of cancer patients.

The precision oncology medicines market indicates significant growth and demand for more effective and tailored therapies. Eigen’s strategic positioning aligns perfectly with this evolving landscape.

Eigen Therapeutics boasts a formidable leadership team, including CEO and Co-Founder Transon Nguyen, CTO and Co-Founder Kamran Ali, and Chief Scientific Officer Kathryn Vanderlaag. Their collective expertise in high-throughput screening platforms, therapeutic discovery, and oncology drug development positions Eigen as a frontrunner in the pursuit of precision medicine.

We are genuinely impressed by Eigen Therapeutics and their remarkable progress. Since December 2022, they have accomplished significant milestones, showcasing both vision and speed. Notably, their collaboration with top Silicon Valley funds underscores the caliber of their approach.

Jan Kasper, Managing Partner at ZAKA VC

As ZAKA continues to strengthen its commitment to groundbreaking advancements in the biotech sector, Eigen Therapeutics joins this portfolio alongside companies like ExcepGen, Sensible Biotechnologies, and Olio Labs.