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ZAKA VC participated in e-mobilio’s Series A €9.5 M round

e-mobilio offers a holistic platform in the B2B segment that acts as a partner and advisor for the transition to 360° electromobility.

The startup, founded by Ralph Missy and Denis Reichel, is a leading partner for the automotive distribution channel, providing a comprehensive solution. Its customers include more than 350 car dealer groups in Germany and Austria, car manufacturers such as Toyota and insurance companies such as HUK-Coburg.

To accelerate its international growth, e-mobilio raised €9.5 million in Series A funding led by SET Ventures. Existing investors Übermorgen Ventures, Wi Venture, Seed+Speed, Gateway Ventures with ZAKA VC, and German family office 2punkt7 participated in this round.

ZAKA VC sees the transition to electromobility as a significant opportunity. The shift to electric mobility is changing the way drivers buy cars. They need a complete solution tailored to individual needs far beyond the vehicle. This is where e-mobilio comes in. With the help of an e-mobile purchase advisor, EV buyers can find suitable chargers, installation services, public charging, photovoltaics, electricity tariffs, greenhouse gas emission quotas, subsidies and many other services in addition to the electric car.

“We invested in e-mobilio back in 2022 because its team convinced us of its vision, which we also validated with our expert mobility team. One year on, we can see that the founders have not only correctly identified the missing need in the e-mobility market, but they have a solution with a stable market position and a clear vision for global expansion. They were able to convince even leading European investors in the field of energy innovation of the strength of their solution, and we at ZAKA VC were delighted to accept the opportunity to support e-mobilio also in the Series A round.”

Jan Kasper, co-founder and Managing Partner of ZAKA VC

e-mobilio has established a dominant market position in Germany. After successfully entering the Austrian market, the company is now looking to expand into other European markets. “With this capital, we will support international growth to solve the two bottlenecks of electric mobility: personalized advice and optimal fulfilment for end customers. Together, they will ensure a seamless customer journey and accelerate electricity adoption.” – Denis Reichel, co-founder of e-mobilio.

“By providing comprehensive advice across the entire EV ecosystem, you not only meet your customers’ needs, but you can also create a unique customer experience and increase customer loyalty while securing additional valuable revenue streams across all components of the EV ecosystem.”

Ralph Missy, co-founder of e-mobilio

The uptake of electric vehicles is entering a new phase and moving from the initial stage to the mass market. This situation radically changes the dynamics of EV sales and consumer involvement in the process. e-mobilio’s success in the conservative German car market shows how crucial this role is today, and it will be an excellent basis for international growth and a contribution to the EU’s CO2 reduction targets.